This Annual Review which complements the formal Report and annual accounts, sets out in a less formal way how RBKS has achieved growth during the year. It also indicates what we aim to accomplish in the next couple of years. None of the achievements of the year would have been possible without the efforts of RBKS dedicated staff. The team has been committed to the aspirations and mission of RBKS and has been relentless in delivering solutions for Communities, Students and Supporters.

My appreciation and thanks to our Board members, staff, donors, partners and communities. We are committed to pursuing RBKS mission with sincerity. I have every confidence that RBKS will continue to provide giving solutions in the years to come and will provide valuable resources to poor, vulnerable, excluded and deprived communities of India. 2020-21 was an important year in RBKS. RBKS an organisation with 40-year track record of helping people to provide education and rural development. As with individuals, organizations often need external perspective and support in the form of mentors. It was fortuitous for RBKS. We have a mentor and supportive leader, with having three decades of experience, to help us on what I look back on as an “incredible” journey. The engagement resulted in the team, Board members agreeing on the following: RBKS has built good reputation in India and Abroad.

The India of today is very different to when we launched 40 years ago. Confidence, money supply, the presence and need of corporations to play a social role and the unique demographic of a very young and upwardly mobile workforce the belief that we can grow RBKS and the scale of its impact manifold on the platform we have created. Thus was crafted the Long Range Plan that focuses on two pillars for success: first, simplicity of objectives. Milestones and celebrations I believe are a result of tried and trusted partnerships. Our beneficiary charity partners, communities, colleagues and volunteers and all who believed in the potential of RBKS and partnered with us – thank you for your faith and support all these years.

It has been an honor to work with you all. Significant moments also require special mentions – Rt.Hon’ble Baroness Sandip Verma, Hon’ble Late Amar Singh, Hon’ble Jayaparda, Mr. GP Hinduja, Mr Ashok Hinduja, Dr. Nicholas Grey, Proff. Merry Gray, Jean Boulton Reyndos, Dr. R.Seetharaman, Mr. Bijay Garodia, Mr.Vijay Karia, Lord Diljit Singh Rana, Mr Rashmi Mehta, Mr. Vijay Shah, Lt. Mr. Vijay Sardana, Major General S.S. Sandhu, Dr. B.R. Patil, Mr. Jai Hind Agarwal who have believed in us; who continue to remind us of our purpose; our Founder and board members, advisors who have guided and endorsed this plan and our work -thank you. The staff at RBKS – high on energy, optimism and dedication -none of this would be possible without you.

Swami Brahmanand Saraswati

Chairman, RBKS