Annual Academic Events:

According to the syllabus prescribed by Mohanlal Sukhadia University, various types of academic activities are conducted by preparing the annual calendar of academic activities. So far the following academic activities have been conducted in the college.

Micro Teaching:

According to government norms the girls are sent to schools because the government has changed the internship policy.


B.Ed. Organizing Vanshala is an important educational program in the curriculum. This program was organized from 14.12.07 to 19.12.07. Under this program, a seven-day camp was organized in Sadri district Pali and a social, economic and historical survey of the surrounding villages was conducted. The students were divided into different groups and the subjects related to the study were studied in depth and the report of the study related to each group was prepared. Famous religious places coming under this area were also studied. Famous religious places coming under this area were also studied, mainly Ranakpur Temple, Parashuram Mahadev, Kumbhalgarh, Charbhuja, Rajsamand Lake, Nathdwara, Eklingji, Mount Abu etc. is prominent. A comprehensive report of Van Shala Camp was prepared on the basis of all types of studies. This camp was unforgettable for the girls.

Internal Assessment:

In order to make an internal assessment of the student’s study achievement, each subject teacher conducts examination every year. All the girl students participated in this yearly examination.