Physical facilities available in the college

In J. R. Sharma Girls TT College, all facilities and arrangements related to class room, furniture, laboratories, meeting room, common room, library, toilet, bathroom and hostel are available as prescribed by the National Council for Teacher Education (Chhattisgarh).


The college’s academic and hostel building is housed in the institution’s own building. The academic building has 8 class rooms, 1 meeting room, 1 library room, 1 office room, 1 staff room, 1 store, 1 principal room and 4 laboratory rooms. All rooms are equipped with furniture and facilities.

Laboratories :

Science Laboratory :

The laboratories of physics, chemistry and biology in the college are well equipped with all kinds of equipment. Materials and facilities for experimentation are available in these laboratories. The girls tried to explain the things of science in an experimental form by doing many types of experiments with the children of the schools in the laboratories related to their subjects.

Teaching Laboratory:

This laboratory is equipped with all kinds of educational technology, audio-visual aids, mainly radio, television, audio cassette recorder, slide cum film strip projector 35 mm, overhead projector, camera, chart and slide, blank Audio Cassette and VCR is available.

Psychological Laboratory:

All the equipments related to psychological training are available in this laboratory. Mainly Intelligence Test Equipment, Aptitude Test Equipment, Personality Scale, Interest Inventories, Teacher Effectiveness Scale, Anxiety Scale, Educational Interest Form, Problem Solving Ability Test Equipments related to all the above training are available in psychology laboratory. With their help, the girls were taught to do various types of psychological experiments and tests.

Computer Laboratory :

At present 12 computer sets are available in the computer laboratory. With their help, all the girl students are made to practice computer continuously. Along with this, the facility of printer is also available in the computer laboratory. In this laboratory, from the beginning till now, every student was given computer learning practice for one hour every day and also got the theoretical knowledge of computer.

Library and Reading Room:

The college has a well-equipped library with 7000 textbooks and reference books for girl students. 5 newspapers and 11 magazines are available. Reading facility is available for 60 girl students and the reading room is kept open from 8 am to 10 pm. The girl students can make full use of the library from morning till night.

Assembly room :

This meeting room is used for co-educational activities organized from time to time, cultural programs, meetings and scholars invited from outside. This meeting room is used daily in competitions like prayer, news, thoughts, priceless words and debates.

Student Common Room:

A common room has been arranged for the girl students in the college. This room is equipped with comfortable furniture and other facilities. There is a seating arrangement for 60 girl students in this room.

Staff Room:

The college has complete arrangement of staff room for the teachers. Reading facilities have also been provided to the teachers in this room.

Sports Ground :

The college has its own playground. In which football, volleyball and other sports are conveniently played regularly. In this playground, girls play all kinds of games throughout the year, as well as the facility of an internal play room is also available. Table tennis facility is provided in it.